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Silver Buddha face pendant beadSilver Buddha face pendant bead
Antique silver Circle of snakes pendantAntique silver Circle of snakes pendant
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1pc Silver Filigree Clover Round ornament shamrock pendant1pc Silver Filigree Clover Round ornament shamrock pendant
Antique Silver Whale pendantAntique Silver Whale pendant
Fish bone pendant Antique SilverFish bone pendant Antique Silver
Antique silver dragon pendantAntique silver dragon pendant
Antique silver peacock feather pendantAntique silver peacock feather pendant
Antique silver Greek statue pendantAntique silver Greek statue pendant
40mm Antique silver fish Pendant40mm Antique silver fish Pendant
Antique silver celestial sun pendantAntique silver celestial sun pendant
Antique Silver Mermaid pendantAntique Silver Mermaid pendant

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